Points of Interest

There are a great many places of interest throughout the Estate from the long white sandy beaches on the west side to the abandoned villages of the east coast.  A short distance from Grogarry Lodge is the Loch Druidibeg Nature Reserve and Loch Skipport Old Pier which was once the main port of entry to South Uist.  There is a path from Loch Skipport that will lead you towards Uishinish Lighthouse, Uishinish Bothy and to climb Hecla…even the Three Peaks (Hecla, Corodale & Mhòr) if you’re well prepared and feeling adventurous!  Either of these destinations offers rewarding views and scenery.

Follow the footsteps of Bonnie Prince Charlie with our Bonnie Prince Charlie Trail – www.visitouterhebrides.co.uk/see-and-do/trails-and-journeys/bonnie-prince-charlie-trail where you can visit some of the many places the Prince hid in as well as the Birthplace of Flora MacDonald – the lady who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape to Skye after his ill-fated attempt to gain the throne of Scotland.  The Isle of South Uist is also the seat of Clan Ranald and the imposing remains of Ormacleit Castle testify to their historic power.

To the south, cross the causeway to the Isle of Eriskay, home of the hard-working Eriskay pony and the SS Politician, which ran aground in Feburary 1941 with 260,000 bottles of whisky in her holds. The locals’ subsequent salvage attempts inspired the book & film Whisky Galore.