Outdoor Activities

Daliburgh Machair high tide


With dramatic hill-ranges and miles of white sandy beach, wildflower meadows of the machair, and calm lochs the South Uist Estate is home to one of the most untouched landscapes in Europe.

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Grogarry Lodge overlooks a National Nature Reserve and many areas of the islands have been designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Environmentally Sensitive Areas or other designations denoting the presence of a rare bird, insect or plant.


Whilst staying at Grogarry guests have the opportunity to enjoy walks in the hills, along the coastline and to the many points of interest and historical sites found nearby. Tours, with knowledgeable guides, are available to suit your requirements depending on whether you want a gentle stroll along the machair and beach, or a strenuous climb in the hills.
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Such is the density of wildlife on the Outer Hebrides that species rare elsewhere in the UK are common throughout the isles.

The South Uist Red Deer herd are considered to be amongst the best in Scotland and the unique pure breed herd attract Stalkers from all over the World.
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Uist is home to the purebred Eriskay Pony, which is Europe’s most endangered native pony breed. The infamous Shetland Pony can also be found in Uist. The Short-eared Owls are commonly seen hunting during the day and otters are often spotted playing on the rocky coastline.

The estate offers visitors an unrivalled opportunity to spot rare & protected wildlife they never thought they’d see.